I attended St. Saviour’s school in 1960s. I was pleased to accept the honored position to chair the Alumni Association, and it is my desire along with the other members of the Executive Committee in all our interactions to ensure that we implement our plans. The importance of the school and Alumni in maintaining ethics and moral ethos to make it stand out is critical to our overall objectives, especially at a time when the nation is challenged on what constitutes appropriate behaviour on many fronts.

It is in this light that we believe that the Alumni Association is the most potent repository of the values of the school and society. And it is our hope that we can build an Alumni Association that is able to significantly impact the student body and make them appreciate their vital roles in determining the future of their nation, Nigeria.

The Alumni will play an important role in issues of efficiency, inclusion, adequate and timely communication of all activities, instilling in the children positive values, and encouraging excellent record keeping of our history by all alumni.

I wish us all forward momentum in all endeavors.