The key aim of the Art at St. Saviour’s is to encourage each child to have a lifelong interest and enjoyment of Art.

Our Art teaching is lively, challenging and wide-ranging. We’ll introduce your child to as many art forms as possible, including painting, printing and modelling.

Just as important, we think about art’s historical and cultural context, explore ideas and develop your child’s capacity for making and explaining judgements.

Through experimentation each child at St. Saviour’s is able to develop their knowledge and understanding of Art and its wider role within the world.

Ideas are explored through themed topics, children learn traditional, modern and contemporary approaches to making art. They experiment with a broad range of materials and techniques to create their ideas. Repetition of key skills allow each child to refine the quality of their creations and become increasingly confident in their making. The hope is that all children are proud of the art they make.