Visual Arts

Welcome to the first ever St. Saviour's School Art Exhibition Our Art works are a display of colours centering around nature and still life objects.

Creativity is always a hot topic within educational circles. The common consensus is that it is important and that it will be central to children's future successes. At St. Saviour's school Ikoyi, one of our all-encompassing objective is 'broadening horizon, nurturing talents, developing leaders' Education for Life.

Mr. Craig Heaton
Head Teacher

Internationally, we are a force to reckon with as some of us excelled in the COBIS Art Competition, Nimi in Year 1 achieved the Runner-up of the EYFS category at the COBIS 2020 Art Competition, out of 592 entries received from 110 COBIS schools around the world. Also Zitem achieved second place in the EYFS category of the COBIS 2021 Art Competition, with nearly 600 entries from 99 schools worldwide, this is a fantastic achievement!

The Art Work displayed will be part of a silent auction with all proceeds from the auction going to one of the Student Councils designated charities. For the silent auction kindly fill in a slip per painting with your full name, phone number, the auction amount and the Art work code and hand in the slip. Please enjoy the exhibition.