Student Council

The establishment of a School Council provides an avenue for students to take on leadership and decision-making roles for and on behalf of the student body. In addition to this being a wonderful learning experience, it demonstrates to the students that they have a voice in the school and that adults value their input.

Election to the Student Council takes place at the end of September from Year 2 to Year 6 through a democratic decision making process.

Furthermore, the School Council is the driving force of the school's charitable endeavours through series of events such as, Bake Sale, Christmas in a Box, Toys Drive, Book Drive, e.t.c

They select the charities the school will adopt for her corporate social responsibility and reach out to them through the following charities; Slum2School, Food Clique, Bunmi-Adedayo Foundation, Little Treasures Foundation, So Said Foundation, Heart of Gold and Massey Street Children Hospital amongst other.