Vision, Mission & Aims

School Vision

Our vision is “to provide a safe, happy and challenging learning environment made up of children of diverse nationalities who strive for excellence in all their pursuits and reach their full potential”

School Mission

Our mission is “to deliver world–class primary education based essentially on the British National Curriculum and, in partnership with parents, develop children who share our core values

School Aims

  1. 1. To provide a very high quality education and schooling for children from 4 to 11 Years old based on the Early Years Curriculum and National Curriculum for England.
  2. 2. To exemplify and lead best practice as established in UK and International Education.
  3. 3. To establish and maintain a partnership with parents and provide them with up to date information about their child’s progress and attainment compared to UK assessments and standards.
  4. 4. To develop leadership skills.
  5. 5. To teach the importance of citizenship on a global scale- world citizenship.
  6. 6. To teach the importance of universal values, attitudes, conduct and ethics that are respected, admired and accepted in cultures around the world.
  7. 7. To develop skills needed for life-long learning.
  8. 8. To provide an excellent school environment where information and communication technologies play an integral part in learning.
  9. 9. To respect and foster understanding for Nigeria, its people, customs and beliefs.
  10. 10. To aim for excellence in all that we do.

School Motto

To Excel Always