Our School Development Strategy


Curriculum & Standards

To provide a caring, stimulating educational environment, within the classroom, where children can maximise their potential and be successful in their learning.

To achieve this objective, the School will:
  • Develop the curriculum that embraces 21st century learning and fully prepares children for the secondary stage of their educational journey
  • Ensure opportunities for children to develop an international mindedness that will equip them for the global world
  • Promote an understanding of the range of learners and the importance of excellence at every level.
  • Value, encourage and celebrate academic endeavour and success
  • Nurture a learning environment which is safe and secure and where students are encouraged to take risks to maximise their potential
  • Engaging, challenging and inspiring students of all ages and abilities by delivering excellent interschool student competitions and events
  • Provide opportunities to develop student leadership experiences and skills at every level
  • Encourage students to take responsibility for their own learning and become independent learners and citizens


Co-curricular & Extra curricular

To provide a caring, stimulating educational environment beyond the classroom where children can maximise their potential and be successful in their learning.

To achieve this objective, the School will:
  • Provide a range of co-curricular opportunities to develop the individual character of every child.
  • Ensure the ECA programme is consistent with the level of pedagogical provision within the statutory curriculum
  • Continue to utilise all opportunities available in order to develop the gifted and talented range of children within the Physical educational provision


School Community

The school community is paramount to the function and operation of St. Saviour's School. To enhance the connections within that community we will maintain and strengthen the culture of the school aligned to its values.

To achieve this objective, the School will:

  • Foster positive, supportive relationships, respect and mutual understanding with all members of the school family, irrespective of culture or background
  • Ensure all children are safe from harm and can learn in a safe and secure environment
  • Encourage members of the School Community to embody the Christian message whilst being respectful of all religious views
  • Emphasise the importance of service to the school and the community through personal and professional endeavour
  • Support families in our school community by providing opportunities for engagement and interaction
  • Build and maintain a strong connection between school and the Alumni children and parents during and beyond their school years


Human Resources

To employ, retain and professionally develop our staff, given their key role in the success of the school's overall vision.

To achieve this objective, the School will:

  • Ensure succession planning for key leadership positions in the school
  • Continue to appoint high quality staff who contribute a diverse range of skills and experiences that will support and enhance the school's learning environment
  • Nurture and build a culture of support and encouragement and professional collegiality
  • Provide professional development opportunities for staff, recognising that the closer the professional development is to the needs of staff, the more effective it will in impacting their learning
  • Maintain the conditions of service that ensure staff are remunerated competitively in comparison to other private schools in the market
  • Maintain a rigorous and performance-based remuneration appraisal system and performance management


Financial Resources

To ensure the financial strength of St. Saviour's School Ikoyi in order to support sustainable growth and developments.

To achieve this objective, the School will:

  • Establish the financial resources to provide for the immediate and longer-term needs of the school as a priority at all levels of school Governance and Leadership
  • Develop a robust annual budget that utilises non-refundable deposits, sponsorship and donations for capital expenditure projects
  • Maintain the highest standards of financial integrity through continuous audit of financial controls and systems


Information Communication Technology (ICT)

To develop the school's facilities and ICT infrastructure in order to provide a suitable learning working environment that is environmentally friendly and cost effective.

To achieve this objective, the School will:

  • Recognise the importance of information and communication technology and its value in enriching the learning process
  • Continue to utilise information and communication technology to enhance the service the school provides to school community stakeholders
  • Audit and continuously review the school's information technology infrastructure



To ensure the physical resources of the school meet the needs of 21st century learners in every aspect of school life.

To achieve this objective, the School will:

  • Plan and implement a financially responsible major capital project regime to support the improvement of the school's infrastructure
  • Continue to develop the concept design for the whole site, whilst integrating the first phase development of staff quarters and specialist classrooms